Top 10 Mens Fashion Tips.


 The only thing worse than being “Broke as a Joke” is looking like You are.



#10   Oxford with Stamping/Rhinestone/Patchwork are for years 18 and younger. These shirts have about 2 minutes of Fame left for adults. Purchasing 3 of these adds up to 1 really well fitted Oxford at Barneys. Avoid the impulse/trendy buys.

#9  Tattered belts with too much or too little slack are and easy way to appear cheap.  Belts should always close on the 3rd or 4th hole. Making another hole with a Kitchen knife is not the solution. (lift Your belt higher into
Your softer waist area til You can buy a better one)

#8  Hats- Hats should never be worn unless on vacation or a party. (large straw ones on Vacation are perfect….as for parties…anything goes.)

#7  Bushy uneven sideburns.  (if Your sideburns are unkept, the World knows You have a Bushy Banana Hammock) If You have a great relationship with Your barber, They will clean You up for cheap. In a pinch You can use a little facial lotion and a blow dryer to calm Them down for a night out on town. (same goes for eyebrows)

#6  Tight T-Shirts are a No-No. (the buffer You are the Gayer You look. People can tell if You have a nice body from form fitting shoulders and a slim waist…..if You dont have a nice body…..wear a T shirt that is tight in the shoulders and loose along the torso)

#5  Shoes should always look expensive. Make sure to have clean soles and brushed tops. (For a quick fix, You can rub Olive Oil into the Leather for a fast shine. For cheaper shoes, outline the soles with a black  Sharpie to hide wear and Fo Sho use some Olive Oil on trouble spots.)

#4  Pant Length should break right over the clasp or lace portion of shoe. The only exception are Jeans. Jeans should puddle around shoe or boot. Jeans that puddle should only be able to be rolled twice…..once shows the seam and 3 looks bulky. (When cuffed properly, there will be a slant starting from the break to the bottom of heel.  The heel should not be visible……this is a great way to wear a tall boot/shoe to gain height and hide Your lift)

#3  Iron everthing everyone is going to see. Forgotten collars and crinkled sleeves make You look very unpolished. People pick up on the small things. (If  You have little time, just iron Your sleeves and collar and then throw on a sweater vest)

#2  Crumpled cash is a problem for You and the clerk smoothing it out. Always keep Your money presentable. A High end wallet will stand the test of time. (if You are a penny pincher, put it on Your B-Day list and make Your friends get You one) There is one a way to skirt the wallet situation. Money clips. They are timeless. Make Sure to only have Your initials on it for decoration, anything else says Your trying to draw attention to Yourself. ( Tiffany or Cartier offer Clips for around $100.00)

#1 Man Scent. Enough said.  Its Your SIGNATURE. Always wear the same cologne  sparingly. It should be worn in 2 places, first applied under Your nose and chin to remind You that You are on stage and ALWAYS spritz into the back of Your neck hairline. The oils from Your hair will retain to cologne and release as Your Collar or hands rub against/through Your hair. Those of You Who choose to wear  a shaved scalp, still apply to neckline and let Your collar do all the work.  (If You dont like wearing a scent, take some fresh ground black pepper, and Your favorite bath soap and wash Your shoulders, chest and neck line before a night on the town.  The more expensive and popular scents are developed with Black Pepper)


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