Obama Debate Winner!!!!

~Well I missed it due to a long standing date with a (just got back from Iraq …….and its Bad) Marine….”dont ask dont tell right?” …From all that I have heard across the Coffee Counter (mainly Demo Townies, and Sexy Salon Chicks with Dicks)…The old white guy (PWO….Cant be that good of a Maverick if He got caught huh?) seemed to be raptured in some out of body/arm waving abduction (like the Lost in Space robot)….Others this morning described MacOldie as walking around the forum like Mr TudBall from the Carol Burnett show (way B/4 My time …I am 23 and a Gemini)….I actually got a text from Shaneekwa asking if the old man wears a Diaper…(How old is He)..of Course not!!! (yet)…..There were lots of other critics sitting here in coffee hell talking about how outta touch Mr. M seemed….. and was falling on His (Rich-pastey) Face answering questions….I guess He was supposed to rock the Town Hall meeting….But Obama went in for the CockBlock….So after the Tudball dance and some unsavory comment about “That One”….(I looked into His eyes and saw 3 letters…. KKK)… Old Man had to hit the bricks…..Many were shocked that He didnt hang to shake hands ….I guess thats why Obama is in the Lead now…..Who gives a Rip really….the sooner this economy recovers the sooner I can run to the new H and M or even better get a Tramp Stamp at Lucy Devil Tattoo from Sexy ass DErick ERick…..Actually alot of People give a shit….Thats why MacOldy wears a diaper now….Ha Ha….o… No!….So to really take a look at all this…..I guess I can vote for Obama….He does speak to the Middle class and talks about health care….and I went black and-came back….maybe its time for seconds….His Wife is all kindsa strong black woman, and I like that….Not like Oprah….but more like Tyra, Scray Spice or Lil Kim…..and the other 2 old peeps look like an Albino project from Beverly Hills……Marilyn Manson and Mr M. have the same base and powder combination but very off lipstick choices…..No  joke They both could be Vampires……with all this said…..I am sure the right thing will happen and our Economy  will recover and War will be over…I just have to keep in mind to stash a lil away or void credit card transactions at work or do some identity theft on My Boss Samiir or His Preggo Russian Shemale (Shaneekwa)….I should to listen to the old man Mr. M….and conserve on a local level…This means running coffee grounds twice to save on beans….I will also have to  stop mopping the floors…to save My boss on His water bill  thingy……(Jesus loves a Saver)….I should probably not give Seniors or Students discounts anymore…..(small Blk Coffees….or as Mr. M says “that one!)…since Mr Old Man thinks Americans should spend more now to get the $ moving….I will most DEF. be frothing up milk so fluffy that a 16oz latte has 4 ounces of milk…..That all… only helps Samiir and This shitty cafe…and not really My pocket…..Maybe I will take a hint from Congress and Wallstreet..(institute the Gayzel Bailout Package)…I could save on paper goods of the Dookie variety by borrowing TP into My backpack….I could also hit up dry storage and nick a few cans of Veggies and wipe out the walk in later for some ToFurkey..(Them Shitz is Bomb!)…I could also head out to  Goodwill and find Nordstrom oxfords….and return Them to the DownTown Nordies…..(this actually works people)….That should yeild some str8 up cash..and store credit…Then I can take a # 406 Bus to the H and M and get those tight shirts for The Cuff Sexy Party this month….Yeah this will work until this budget thingy is fixed….I guess I could ask My folks….but I think They are still waiting for a Stimulous check….Today I will have to begin My own bail out package with putting a Diahretic into Shaneekwa’s Chai and send Her Drippy Ass home and Keep all the tips for Meself….After the Lunch rush…Samiir will run to the bank and I will say We need a roll of Quarters..(I’ll swipe out a $20 outta the deposite bag)..and Will keep the extra $10 for My shopping trip….Then When He comes back the evening barista will be here ( Making a Huge mess of er’thing….Honestly Jeremy I wish EVERYDAY  You’d get hit by a Metro on the way to work… You Big Dip Shit…)and I will Be on My vespa peac’n out….I am guessing this is pretty much How WallStreet did it….and They seem really happy now….So anyways Here comes Lunch and I gotta get all slutty with the Tabasco and Sandwiches….Please use any of My money saving tips and tell a Friend…..Change is Now I guess or You can just put it away for Jonas Bros tickets…..either way You’ll Be a Great Consuming American. Later Taters….Gayzel


4 Responses to “Obama Debate Winner!!!!”

  1. I’ll see if I can take a swipe at Jeremy when I go downtown to stock up on more Extreme Doritos. I don’t want to run out if the economy gets worse!

  2. lolz i love the shaneekwa’s drippy ass part! lolz keep on keeping on bhaiya!

  3. haha i love the shaneekwa’s drippy ass! lolz hehe…this is amazing! keep on keeping on bhaiya!

  4. Jesus does love a saver!

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