End of the day…..

~Well, today ended on a good note. I met a ton of newbies and showed them a good time “cafe style”….I was able to scarf down a Deelish Vegan sand w/o Gub’Ment cheese. The usual regulars showed up and we had a great time. The sun was out on the patio all the way to closing….then I was able to water the plants and get a gander at the hottie upstairs having a smoke on his deck. After pretending to look past him I was able to chat with the original white SheDevil…AKA Jessica Rabbit…I promptly filled her in on the dead beat dad update and the crazy neighbor lady who will find a flat tire in the morning…and if time permits…maybe a generous smearing of Vaseline all over her windsheild…. Yes I am doing Gods work…(and Yes it includes that one curious straight guy on the 3rd floor)….anyWho….I was able to grab a Deelish Cheap Pizza at Papa’s and managed to dress it up like a ragdoll with some Basil ( I know….basil/gayzel…get over it..)…and some BudLight…Now I get to watch the Army of Idiots at King 5 predict the weather…and then have Jean Enerson explain to Me how Sleeping causes Hemmeroids. Maybe it will be a 3 beer kinda night….Well, I have to log off and visit a certain persons SUV when the sun goes down…so “ITS PIZZA TIME!!!”…Have a great day…Gayzel


2 Responses to “End of the day…..”

  1. originalwsd Says:

    Dude. If “visiting a certain person’s SUV after dark” means what I think it means, I think I may just be sick. That was some pridy juicey channel 9 today, you hella jenkie like dat. Dat es Terriber! TERRIBER! TTTTT-ERRRRIBER!

  2. originalwsd Says:

    Is vaseline on the windshield another channel 9 or simply a barista fantasy?

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