911 Much too Those and Us alive.

~Today has to start with all the political mess aside. This is a day we should all remember….and send energy, prayers, moment of silence, money….anything that shows tribute to Us as a whole. GIve as much love, energy, blessing til it hurts…then give a lil’ more. ( then go out and hug a Muslim or Cabbi..)

~As this morning opens…I see alot of people with “TGIF” energy..It’s early…like 7:10 am..who gives a shit what day it is that early??..what can I say…But,its a mournful day…and/but others deal with things in their own way. I am actually surprised at how many people have forgotten what today is/was…So as punishment…I am tacking on an extra eleven cents on their tabs. ( am  sending it to the Jews for Jesus Kiosk at Northgate Mall)…Its a very warm morning here and a ton of iced drinks are breaking my back….The plus is, I only have one day til the weekend…So I can put up with anything right now. (except Herpi Girl trying to make Me taste the drink I just made her…I know its Yummy…I just made it….DAmn Gina!!!).. My most interesting thing to happen this morning was a clean cut banker ordering His coffee. Kept staring at my crotch….No big deal (I looked at his…girls nothing there…not from anything other than bad slacks…), cuz His wife was in the car…But I really wanted to push his envelope…sadly a line was forming….and I only had time to poke a tiny hole on the bottom in his wifes Americano..( I am on a crusade to get them talking about their issues) .after a bit there was a lull…I was able to devise a Vegan master plan  (it ended up being a Blk Bean foccaccia sandwich for $4.00) the good news is that they look great…bad news is there may be some Mayo in it. (Sike Your Mind  Deseray!!!! )  It getting a lil to hot and balmy in here…I may have to shut the doors and hit the A/C…I hear pasty white Seattle thighs peeling from the leather chairs…Its about noon thirty ish and I already have ran out of ice and made a trip to the corner store for 4 more bags…I hope I dont run thru them…I really wanna just sit here and think about what it would be like to kiss Alec Baldwin with My eyes open…I guess His eyes should be open too huh.?…Wait ,if  both our eyes are open …that means the “ooooo SUKI SUKI’s gonna happen”…Shit I wish Baldwin was a Gay…like that Travolta guy is…I guess I’ll have to just pray to Jesus to make Him special or just meet Him when he is high on XTC….!. Shit the angry lunchers are gonna be in soon….I’d better water down the Soup and microwave the drip coffee….and if one person asks for “No Cilantro” I am gonna deny their credit card and  send them to the end of the line…or worse…give them a Gift Card to Crave. ..And dont even get Me started on the Check bouncing RedHead…..Maybe more after the lunch rush…I dont know…maybe today is the day I Quit on the spot!!! Or get a promotion for finding the missing $100  I borrowed from the Til during July 4th weekend. Either way I’ll  be writing about it. Have a nice lunch…Gayzel


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