Wed…so far…

So this cafe is bathed in tons of Emerald City sunshine…ER’Bod in da club is wearing their best sexiness and showing off their gleaming white legs….I have managed to get about a hundred people off to school or work with any of them knowing They had Decaf….(yeah I did)…but this way, they will do one of 2 things…come back for another coffee or order a triple tomorrow…either way …Cha Ching!!!…Meanwhile I sit waiting for the White SheDevil to come in and bounce another $4.00 check for some shit she wont even finish…I guess the joke is really on Me….She only drinks decaf…So far I have consumed 2 ChocChip cookies….I drip coffee…and one latte….Flirted with about 6 guys and 3 girls….went out for a smoke or two…cranked out about 10 sandwiches and half as many soups…and My day is only half over…ER’Bod in the cafe seems to be in great energy, except  there is an awful lot of talk about McCain putting Lipstick on a Pig or something…I dont know…Maybe it about that Palin chick…or Her Preggo Preteen…anyways..I can tell its time for Me to log off, now that the shitty cleaning crew showed up, and I am making a Latte for a Dead Beat Dad….(If He only knew I knew His secret)…..So from here on out I will be closing up and trying to water some plants…Oh…Some Hot Asian girl is moving in the bldg right now….Maybe I’ll channel 9 her ass later….Til then….send O’Bama some Groupi Love.


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