This is the start of sump’n bad …Me thinks.

This takes place in the sleepy lil area of Capitol Hill, It is littered with coffee shops…kinda like Soho in NY…but without all the roaches…I happen to work in one of them. This one shall remain anonymous (unless You wanna call Him Tyrone) This Cafe is located in a Upscale Condo outfit and is Home to alot of Hip, Young Techi types…They are super generous and into community. So in a nutshell, its a great place to sling Joe and people watch. Since Money and good looks go hand in hand….I get to see a Ton of Melrose Place Bullshit everyday….and lets not forget about the weekends…Whew….Since the area is party central…The one night stands pouring out the front door Sat/Sun morn, lets Me know the Free Clinic has extended hours Fo~Sho! Aside from the building, the community is great…there are a ton of gays and gay wannabe’s….mass Hipsters (They were New Wavers in the 80’s)…and transplants from all over. Most of them seem to be from the E. Coast….and Definitly one ugly Bitch from L.A. ( no Diggity!!) ….anyways We’ll get back to her and ugly dog. Since the cop Shop is near…we are pretty safe from the violent crazy type…..which leaves room for the other types of crazy to creep in. I call them “Twirly” or “crazy trains”…:for example:  “Girl, Crazy train showed this morning, and got Hella Twirly about Us being out of Sugar Free Kiwi”    I know it maybe a lil hard to follow right now…however stay posted and You’ll get it. All I can say for now is that….I think this is the start of Sump’n Rally Bad. Me thinks…..Well We will have to look forward to what Wednesday brings. I hope so juicy juice for You readers. Maybe I will tell You who is preggo’s…Who is in the closet ( no its not the wine guy )…and Who has Herpes. Til then Mooches Bitches.


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